Conversations {part 1}

Getting to Know Sharon Beougher

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family: I grew up in a Methodist church but became a Christian by visiting a Baptist mission in Charlotte, N.C. I have two sisters (I’m the middle child) who both live in Houston along with my parents. I went to the Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received a Bachelor of Music Education with an emphasis in piano.

I was involved with InterVarsity all four years and they totally built on the foundation that was laid at my salvation at that small Baptist church. They taught me about quiet time, memorizing Scripture, leading small groups, getting a vision for missions, and discipleship in general.

After college I felt God’s call on my life to full time ministry. My parents had moved from Charlotte to Houston my senior year of college so I ended up at Southwestern in Ft. Worth, TX. Where I received a Master of Arts in Christian Education. I worked as a singles/children director at a church in Houston for the summer and then was called to a church in England for a minimum of one year. They wanted someone with musical ability with a passion for discipleship!

I met my husband at a conference 2 weeks before I left for England. The conference was 5 days. Long story, but we ended up dating “by mail” until Christmas where he then came over to England for a week and two hours. We knew at the end of that time that God was putting us together. I came home August 11 and we got engaged Aug. 12th.

We have four children: Kristi married to Will McCartney for 4 years with 3 foster children (soon to be adopted) ages 2, 3, and 4. They have had them for 20 months. My son, Jon is a physical therapist at Kort Middletown is 24 and has been married 4 years to Ashley, his high school sweetheart. Kari is 22, graduated from Union Univ. this past May and is working as the secretary to Jay Martin at the seminary. She has started taking courses for her Masters. Karisa, 19, is a sophomore at Union Univ. All of them love the Lord (we are richly blessed!!!).

I currently teach Bible at Christian Academy (and have for 7 years) and I teach about 15 piano students after school.

Where are you from? Born in Memphis, TN; lived in New Orleans, Charlotte and Houston, TX. After we were married we lived in the Chicago area for 10 years.

What brought you to Southern? Tim was teaching evangelism at Wheaton College and God clearly called us to another job. He loved teaching there and we thought we would be there forever, but in one week four different Southern Baptist seminaries contacted him about a possible job.

When we came to Southern to visit, we just “knew” this was where God wanted us. So he became the Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism. (Actually, Billy Graham himself was happy with this decision!)

I know you’re passionate about marriage, have you always been or was there a particular event/season that ignited this in you?  I am passionate about marriage because a great marriage truly does reflect the work of the Holy Spirit and can usually point people to God as the Source and Rock for a good marriage. I did not date in high school or college –not until seminary and then only a couple people.

So, I didn’t know if God was preparing me to be single—so I was not really passionate about it until I was married and we had the chance to work as a TEAM together in ministry. Then Tim and I saw opportunities to minister to others because of our marriage and/or theirs. But I’m also passionate about evangelism and mentoring.

I teach freshmen and some seniors at Christian Academy and my heart is to help them grow closer to the Lord or lead them to the Lord if they are not a Christian.

I teach in SWI because I want to share what I know to help others (even though I had so MUCH to learn myself—but all I need to know is one thing more than someone else in order to help them.) I also try to instill some personal conversation and insight into my piano students’ lives to try to take advantage of the moment.


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