Christmas Pantry Stocking Party

Invite guests to bring a  bag of small boxes and cans of food to be donated to a homeless shelter, a ministry of your church or an adopted family in need.

Ideas might be: small bags or cans of tuna, chicken, meat with pop top (self-opening lids), Vienna sausage, peanut butter, jelly, macaroni and cheese, pinto beans, vegetables, chicken soup, fruit cocktail, and other items. Provide large, inexpensive stockings and bags of Christmas candy (candy canes or hard candy that will not melt are best.

As guests arrive, divide food donations into piles of protein, vegetables, starches, and other items.

Have a Christmas card-making table and let everyone make cards to go into stockings with food. Cards can be as simple or creative as one desires. Provide markers, glue sticks and old magazines for card-making. Bible verses can be provided to paste onto cards.

Have guests take a stocking and fill it with food from each pile, candy, and a card. Stockings can be placed in a decorated box to be taken to the shelter or family.

Serve refreshments and share the message of Christmas. “Bethelehem” means House of Bread, and the Christmas story reminds us that God sent His Son to us to provide the promise of eternal life.

Thank everyone for their donations and pray that God will bless these families who have given and those who will receive donations.

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