Serving Your Neighbors

Ever wanted to do something for the people in your neighborhood, but not quite sure what? Here’s a few ways you could serve your neighbors this holiday season:

1. House of Prayer: Ask neighbors how you can pray for them.

2. Schools: Volunteer to help for holiday parties, take Christmas cookies and verses to teachers.

3. Businesses: Ask how you can pray for the businesses; offer to set up the Christmas tree.

4. Community service and events: Volunteer to trim bushes or decorate common grounds.

5. Newsletters: If your community has a newspaper, write a Christmas article or story; invite neighbors to Christmas Eve services.

6. Block Parties: Host a party for your neighbors. Let everyone bring food. Add attractions such as clowns, face painting, water balloons, and games to encourage interaction.

7. Coffees or Teas: Open your home to a Christmas coffee or tea. Share the good news of Christ.

8. Gift wrapping party: Offer to gift wrap some presents. Let neighbors bring the wrapping.

For ways to be involved in servant evangelism, visit

from Serving Your Neighbors at Christmas

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