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Looking for Writing Contributors

UPDATE: We’re still hoping for a few more writers. We’re also looking for people who’d be willing to write on seasonal topics, such as October – Hospitality, November – Gratitude/Evangelism, and December – Hope/Expectation/Advent.

We have this vision for the Koinonia’s blog to take it beyond just a place to look for updates and recaps on our events. We want this place to be an extension of working out the mission of Koinonia.

Here’s what we have in mind:

  • Event Announcements & Recaps
  • Campus Happenings
  • Conversations – Interviews with faculty/staff and wives.
  • Getting to Know You – Interviews with women in the Southern community.
  • Seasons of Life – Varying perspectives on singleness, marriage, motherhood, contentment, waiting, etc.
  • In Louisville – Highlights of your favorite places to eat, shop, and play.
  • New in Town – To help ease the transition, we’d love to provide advice on getting settled, ways to get involved, churches in the area, and different communities in Louisville.
  • A Walk with God – Resources, perspectives, and testimonies on growing in intimacy with the Father as well as the spiritual disciplines.
  • Womanhood – Sharing ideas for women’s ministry as well as talking about friendships, femininity, biblical womanhood, and more.
  • Book Reviews
  • Giveaways

We have a lot of ideas, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

How You Can Help

  1. If you have a passion for the written word, a love of communicating, or just an inkling to write and share life, we’d love for you to join us as a regular contributor (2-3 times a month) or guest post.
  2. If you have an idea for a topic we’ve missed that you’d like to see addressed here, let us know!
  3. Be interviewed for Conversations or Getting to Know You. Someone’s got to kick this off…why not you?!
  4. Do you have a small business that you’d like to advertise in the Southern/Koinonia community by offering a giveaway? We’d love to host! 🙂
  5. Share your favorite places, where you attend church, your community, or books you’ve been reading.

I’ll be working on an editorial calendar this next week to begin organizing all these ideas, in the meantime,

leave a comment letting us know how you’d like to get involved!

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Welcome to Koinonia!

Koinonia exists to connect the women of the Southern community in hopes of building lifelong relationships.

Koinonia is a new place for women to connect, mentor, be mentored, and grow.

It is open to all women at Southern and Boyce, whether students, student wives, faculty, staff, or wives of faculty and staff.

We believe that God has great things in store for Koinonia this year. Please visit our event page to see what’s coming up.

Our hope is that the Koinonia site would be a great resource for you. We plan to recap events, host giveaways, interviews, moving resources, local events, and much more.

Come visit us soon!

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